Welcome to Pilgrim Masonic Lodge

Freemasons Lodge meeting in Guildford, Surrey.

Pilgrim Lodge is a Freemasons Lodge in the Province of Surrey that meets at the Guildford Masonic Centre. Our lodge was consecrated in on the 9th May 1953 taking its name from a road leading from Winchester in Hampshire to Canterbury in Kent where Pilgrims traveled from Europe and the south and west of England to visit the shrine of Archbishop Becket.

The lodge still meets at the Masonic centre in Guildford and has a thriving and friendly membership made up from local men from all walks of life who enjoy the companionship that Freemasonry has to offer.

Pilgrims Lodge meets five times per year for regular meetings on the first Saturday of  February, March, October, November and December. We also meeting during the ‘Masonic Season’ for Lodge of Instruction where the Brethren get together to rehearse for forthcoming meetings.

So who are the Freemasons?

square and compasesFreemasonry is the worlds oldest recorded Fraternity with over 6 million members worldwide although it is fair to say the origins may have been lost in time but it was probably formed from the Guild of Stonemasons who built churches, castles and cathedrals.

In modern day terms Freemasons are a universal group of like minded men who share in the bond of Brotherhood who make good men better men both in the Masonic lodge and in their communities.

Charity is at the forefront of all that Freemasons do giving to both Masonic and non Masonic charities alike.

Few know that, after the National Lottery, Freemasons make the second largest per annum donation to charities in this country!

Who can join the Masons?

Men from all backgrounds regardless of religion or race can become Freemasons.

The only qualifications are that they are over 21 Years of age, have a belief in a Supreme Being and do not have any criminal convictions.

Personal recommendation from an existing Mason has always been the norm. However the purpose of our Masonic web site is to give you an insight into Freemasonry and what it can offer you.

We hope to be able to answer your questions throughout our pages to help you decide if joining the Masons is for you. If you would prefer to talk with one of our members get in touch here.

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