Lodge History

Pilgrim Lodge No: 7265 Guildford, Surrey

A summary of our Lodge history.

Our Masonic Lodge was sponsored by the Royal Edward Lodge No: 4787 and consecrated on the 9th May 1953 at the Guildford Masonic Centre, Surrey where over 100 Masons attended to witness and enjoy the consecration ceremony.

During the research of the Lodge history we managed to trace our origins to Grenadiers Lodge No: 66 which was consecrated in 1739. A Lodge that still exists to this day.

Many distinguished brethren were present notable R.W Brother Lt. Col. H.A. Mann, OBE, MC who was the Provincial Grand Master at the time and presided over the first meeting.

pilgrim freemasons lodge history front cover

Lodge history front cover

A number of distinguished Brethren also presided in the various offices during the ceremony.

The first Master of Pilgrim Lodge was W. Bro W.C Peto. Incidentally his brother A.F Peto was also an officer during the consecration ceremony.

This became a familiar sight with no less than 16 members of the Lodge introducing sons, brothers and son-in-laws into the Lodge during its short history.

Any Lodge will tell you this number is quite rare in just 50 years or so – such is the bond of Brotherhood at Pilgrim Lodge.

Over the years the Lodge has not had members of great personal wealth but has always managed to support and donate to the Masonic charities and provide support for local charities.

This is testimony to the active roll of the Lodge Charity Stewards over the years.

To this day we continue to flourish attracting members to our Masonic Lodge in Guildford, Surrey.

Men from all walks of life have taken the step to join us and enjoy the many social and personal benefits of Freemasonry. Long may it continue.